Plenty of New Ballot Measures on Tap in California

Cali betting newsaming Measures Up for Debate in California

What:  The latest gambling news in the state of CaliforniaWhere: The state of California in the United States

Since the state’s inception in 1850, California has legalized various forms of gambling over time. Starting with cardrooms then expanding to Indian casinos and the California State Lottery, the state has seen the development of gaming grow plenty over time. While commercial casino-style gaming is prohibited as of this writing, there are still plenty of options to gamble legally in California. 

Below, SBS will detail some of these recent developments and go over what one DraftKings executive called in a recent article, “one of the holy grails in sports betting: California.” 

Recent Developments Regarding Gaming in California

Currently, in the California legislature, there are as many as four sports betting initiatives that could be up to vote. According to a recent article in the New York Times, these proposals are mainly being backed by national gaming sportsbooks and Native American casinos (to the tune of $200 million) to either pass or reject some particular proposals. One of the main proposals being considered for the upcoming November legislative sessions will be adding sports wagering, but only in person, at tribal casinos. 

There are also new proposals geared around online wagering which would allow customers to bet on contests legally anywhere throughout the state. Since 2018, when the United States Supreme Court decided to strike down a federal law banning commercial sports betting in states other than Nevada, more than 20 states have gone live with sports betting. This main online initiative comes from online sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel that want to enter California for the first time legally. 

Another initiative that is gaining steam is a new civil enforcement measure that would allow anyone that is leery of any illegal gambling activity or operations to file a lawsuit. This initiative has been put together to oppose tribal casinos in the state that many feels have a monopoly on the economy of gambling in California. While the tribal casino action committee has been proponents of a new law that would help put together sports wagering at their casinos, there is an opposing amendment to the California Constitution that would allow sports wagering at all card rooms and race tracks, not just tribal casinos. 

The fourth new proposed initiative for gaming in the Golden State centers around supporting online and in-person wagering to help bolster the state’s current gambling ecosystem. In their proposal to the California attorney general, the application is mainly looking for a united front and stance on gaming in the state as opposed to letting out-of-state gaming operators come in and run roughshod on the economy.

The proposal also focuses on avoiding larger issues posed by these new companies like “trying to divide the Tribes by offering temporary riches to a few while taking future growth opportunities to a few while taking future growth opportunities away from the rest.” 

Indeed with so many gaming options and initiatives on the horizon, the voters of the state of California will have plenty of say in what they want the future of gaming in their state to look like. 

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Author: Paula Dunn