What Are FanDuel Sportsbook’s Same Game Parlay+ Bets?

One of the more interesting and appealing additions to online betting sites in recent years has been the advent of same game parlay bets.

This has given fans an opportunity to enjoy a multiple-selection wager taken from markets from the same game, with their bet being decided by the outcome of that single game, rather than from across a number of different games as is the case in a standard parlay bet.

One such site that has been at the forefront of parlay betting and same game parlay betting has been FanDuel Sportsbook.

And now that site has come up with something very special indeed for parlay fans. They have called it a Same Game Parlay+ bet and it could well change the face of parlay betting forever.

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What Is A Parlay And A Same Game Parlay Bet?

If you have been betting for any length of time then you will already likely know that a parlay bet is one that combines a number of selections, all of which must win in order for you to receive a return on your bet.

One of the attractions of a parlay bet is that it combines the odds together, so you can bet a small amount but by putting together a bet of several winning selections, you can receive great odds on the bet and a bigger return.

For example, if you were to place a $10 parlay bet on three different NBA games and each selection you made was 2/1 chance to win. Then your total winnings for your bet would be as follows.

Your first bet at 2/1 wins. You receive $20 in winnings and your $10 stake money back. This $30 is then placed on your next selection, which also wins at 2/1, so this means you get $60 in winnings back, plus your $30 stake money returned.

Finally, for the last leg of your parlay, the $90 in you have accrued would carry on to your last selection, which winning at odds of 2/1, would mean that you would get $180 back in new winnings, plus your $90 total stake. For a total return of $270, and a profit of $260.

Traditionally, parlay bets had to be made using different game selections, but a same game parlay bet will let you combine different markets from the same game in order to make a different type of parlay bet.

Same Game Parlay bets are made using a special console on the FanDuel site, this allows you to see all the eligible markets for this bet and you can combine several different selections to make your Same Game Parlay.

The rules and how your winnings are calculated for a same game parlay bet are the same as a standard parlay bet. The only difference is that your bet selections are taken from the same game.

What Makes A Same Game Parlay+ Bet Different?

So now we know what a parlay and same game parlay bet is, what makes a Same Game Parlay+ bet different?

Well, one of the rules of the same game parlay bet, as you can tell from the name, is that all the selections have to be made from a single game.

However, with a Same Game Parlay+ bet at FanDuel Sportsbook, that is not the case. You can combine Same Game Parlay bet selections with other Same Game Parlay bet selections from other games onto a single bet.

So for example, you can select a number of Same Game Parlay markets on an NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, then click on the Parlay+ button and you can then add to this bet selections from other games (say selections from a Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks game).

It is this ability to add selections from other Same Game Parlay markets from other games which makes Same Game Parlay+ bets very appealing.

Is This A Benefit For The Bettor?

Absolutely it is. What people have found when Same Game Parlay betting is that there are only so many selections that they can add that they are confident in, but they may want to increase the value of their bet by adding more selections.

Now in a Same Game Parlay bet, this means adding selections you may not be confident in. However, with a Same Game Parlay+ bet, you can add selections from one or more different games, which you may well feel offer much better likelihood of being winners.

It essentially gives the bettor a great deal more chase when it comes to placing their Same Game Parlay bets and although the selections are no longer from the same game, it still operates using the same parameters as this type of bet, it is just that multiple games are available to you.

So if you have not visited FanDuel to try out their Same Game Parlay+ betting options, why not have a look at what is available this week?

Author: Paula Dunn