Calvin Ridley Suspended For Entire 2022 Season By The NFL!

Bucs Falcons Week 15

In Calvin Ridley, the Atlanta Falcons have one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL, when healthy and available.

Unfortunately for the Falcons, Ridley’s absence from the team since November last year when he stepped away from the NFL on Halloween stating that he needed to address some mental health issues that were bothering him at the time.

The Falcons added their star wideout to the non-football injury list, where he remained for the rest of the season.

There had been hope that Ridley, would become a key part of the Falcons offense next season on his return, but now those dreams have been scuppered.

And that is because Ridley broke one of the cardinal rules when it comes to being a professional in the NFL and will be banned for the entire 2022 season as a result.

Parlay Betting

The reason Ridley will now miss the season is a simple one: He violated the NFL policy that requires players not to bet on any NFL game.

Calvin Ridley got caught because he placed a legal mobile bet in Florida with Hard Rock. They notified Genius Sports, who oversees betting integrity for the NFL. Ridley placed 3, 5 and 8 game parlay bets that did include the Falcons, per source.

— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) March 7, 2022

Ridley confirmed in his interview with the NFL that whole he was not playing for the Falcons last season, he placed parlay bets across a five-day stretch in November 2021.

On Monday, Ridley tweeted that he did not have a “gambling problem” and that he bet no more than $1,500 on the games.

Additionally, he stated that he didn’t watch the games when he made the bets and vowed to be “more healthy when I come back”.

He also made a comment about the severity of his suspension stating “I know I was wrong, but I’m getting 1 year, lol.”

I know I was wrong But I’m getting 1 year lol

— CALVIN RIDLEY (@CalvinRidley1) March 7, 2022

NFL Investigation

The NFL first learned of Ridley’s gambling when it was reported to them through their relationship with the sports betting companies that offer betting on the NFL throughout the United States.

Calvin Ridley reaction:

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 7, 2022

They determined that Ridley had placed parlay bets of three, five and eight games in that period, some which included backing his Falcons team to win.

Ridley placed the bets out of state via his mobile device.

In his letter informing Ridley of the suspension for the 2022 season, commissioner Roger Goodell commented:

“There’s nothing more fundamental to the NFL’s success – and to the reputation of everyone associated with our league – than upholding the integrity of the game.”

“This is the responsibility of every player, coach, owner, game official and anyone else employed in the league.”

“Your actions put the integrity of the game at risk, threatened to damage public confidence in professional football and potentially undermined the reputations of your fellow players throughout the NFL.”

“For decades, gambling on NFL games has been considered among the most significant violations of league policy warranting the most substantial sanction. In your case, I acknowledge and commend you for your promptly reporting for an interview and for admitting your actions.”

Despite placing the bets, the NFL confirmed that there was no evidence that the outcome of any game was compromised in any way and there was no evidence that any Falcons team member were aware of the bets Ridley had placed.

Falcons Turned Down Trade Enquiries

It is not yet known if Ridley will appeal the decision, but if not then the earliest he can be reinstated in the NFL is the 15th February 2023.

The Falcons had received a number of enquiries from teams over the last few weeks who sought to make a trade for Ridley, however with the Falcons aware that this issue was still unresolved, they declined those trade offers.

Ridley is the second player in recent times that has been suspended for betting on the NFL, with Josh Shaw, then of the Arizona Cardinals, also suspended in 2019 when he bet on NFL matches while he was out injured.

The suspension leaves the Falcons with just one wide receiver from last season on the books, Frank Darby, but Ridley’s $11.1 salary cap hit will be deferred until 2023 and will be taken off the books for 2022 allowing the Falcons some wiggle room to bring in a replacement.


Author: Paula Dunn