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What:  The latest gambling news in Las VegasWhere: The city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada

One of the most well-known gaming hotspots in the world, Las Vegas has been a trailblazer for all kinds of legalized wagering. In a recent article from The Nevada Independent, many experts are now turning their attention to seeing how Nevada’s casino industry handles the influx of crypto-mania. Some casino owners have already started using crypto, while others are still catching up. 

Below, SBS breaks down the latest news in the state related to gaming and how it is shaping the future of Sin City. 

Crypto has been growing steadily in Las Vegas

After a strong influx of crypto advertising at the Super Bowl (almost a dozen different crypto companies purchased ad space at the event per the L.A. Times), there has been a spike in interest for these currencies. In Las Vegas, this is no different as multiple casinos are already rolling out ways to utilize crypto at their resorts. According to the Independent, digital exchange has used the reader board of the Caesars Forum Shops marquee on the Strip to promote the company as a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. 

However, crypto does not seem to have a mass hold on Vegas quite yet. According to the same article from the Independent, only a handful of Las Vegas gaming operators are pushing cryptocurrency for non-gaming purposes. One casino operator said that he does not do much promotion for the machines other than messaging on electronic billboards along Fremont Street. There also seems to be some mixed sentiments about the current state of crypto utilization with some resorts opting to have a passive crypto marketing strategy. For instance, Resorts World has added a cryptocurrency exchange near their dining area but does not promote it heavily. This is juxtaposed with an MGM Resorts spokesman saying he has heard there is more of vocal sentiment amongst guests having a strong desire to use cryptocurrency. 

There is a void of concrete crypto regulation

Also in the same article from the Independent, there would appear to be some gray areas present for customers wanting to use cryptocurrency. Right now, the most commonly-used way for guests to use cryptocurrency is through a kiosk that converts the digital currency to U.S. dollars, which is then loaded on a digital wallet or exchanged for casino chips. However, the Nevada Gaming Control Board does not have regulations governing the use of cryptocurrency on casino floors, which means no Bitcoin is allowed at the blackjack tables quite yet. 

A spokesman from the Gaming Control Board said that crypto is “lightly regulated” at this time and some of the cryptocurrency exchanges do not adhere to these various requirements. So according to this same source, it creates an environment where you cannot rule out if the source of the funds are coming from an illicit activity. While there are certainly other elements that remain up in the air when it comes to cryptocurrency and gaming in the Silver State, many are focused on capitalizing on this exciting new market. A source from the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers said that the gaming industry does need to “capitalize on technology advancements.” 

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