Las Vegas GP Added To F1 Calendar In 2023 To Make Three US Races

Leaving Las Vegas

Formula 1 is expanding in the United States and from 2023, there will be three races taking place across the country.

Las Vegas is the latest city to be awarded a race and it could be the most spectacular race of the year, with it taking place on a specially designed street circuit around Las Vegas.

Best of all, the new Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in the evening in Las Vegas meaning that many parts of the course will be neon-lit, offering viewers a fantastic spectacle as the F1 cars race around some of the city’s most famous hotels and casinos along the famous Las Vegas Strip.

History Of The F1 Grand Prix

The United States Grand Prix has been held annually in Texas since 2012, but it had a long and often punctuated history in F1 before that.

The very first US Grand Prix was in 1908 and was held six more times before it was not held between 1917 and 1957.

The race was then resurrected in 1958 and ran until 1980, before going on a nine-year hiatus to 1989. Three more races followed in Phoenix before it was again scrubbed from the schedule from 1992 to 1999.

In 2000, the race was resurrected at the famous Indianapolis Race Way on a specially designed circuit but it ran for 8 years before it again was not held from 2008 to 2011.

In 2012, the first US Grand Prix was held in Austin Texas and the race has been held every year since, bar 2020 when it was cancelled due to the pandemic.

This year, it has been joined by the Miami Grand Prix, a brand-new race that will be contested for the first time this year at the specially built Miami International Autodrome.

The race in Miami will take place on May 8, with the United States Grand Prix taking place layer in the year usually in late October.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will occupy an even later date in the 2023 F1 Schedule than the US Grand Prix, as it is set to take place in November of 2023, making it one of the final races of the season.

F1 have slated in a Saturday night for the race, which means that the strip and many other of Vegas’ neon-lit attractions will provide a spectacular backdrop for the race around the streets of this famous city.

BREAKING: Formula 1 has officially announced that Las Vegas is getting a race starting in 2023.

This will be the third F1 race in the United States, alongside Austin and Miami.

It will be on a Saturday night in November, and the track runs right down the Vegas Strip.

Let’s go!

— Joe Pompliano (@JoePompliano) March 31, 2022

Initial Three-Year Deal

While the Miami race has secured a ten-year deal for a race each year from 2022, the Las Vegas F1 race has signed an initial contract for three years.

However, there are high hopes that the race could continue for longer than that.

A number of popular resorts in the city, such as Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International and Wynn Las Vegas along with other hotels and casinos have all agreed to help promote the event.

The move comes after growing interest in F1 in the United States with the United States Grand Prix in Austin selling out in just over 24-hours, and the 400,000 three-day attendance at the race last year in Austin set a new record in F1.

Now with races in Miami this year, and Miami and Las Vegas from 2023, US F1 fans can enjoy the spectacle in more cities across the country.


Author: Paula Dunn