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Overview of BetUS

Perhaps one of the most well-known online sportsbook outlets out there, BetUS has some of the best customer service and gaming lines available. Founded in 1994, BetUS is recognized as an A-rated sportsbook on and is known for everything from its award-winning online casino to their robust and versatile sportsbook. As of late, the company released some big news regarding one lucky recent customer. In a press release from the BetUS Newsroom, a man from Lakewood, WA won $200,000 after hitting on a 12-leg MLB baseball parlay placed at last month. 

In this article, SBS will go over some of the reactions to this story and also some other details and information regarding BetUS. 

The 12-leg, $265 parlay paid more than 750-1 for BetUS customer

Per the press release from BetUS, an online sportsbook customer utilizing was able to turn $265 into $200,000 after successfully winning a 12-leg parlay. This particular series of wagers centered on MLB Baseball games and occurred during a late-April spell of MLB action. For this long-shot parlay victory, the customer played six games for moneylines and the rest of the contests on “over/under” bets or totals. 

According to Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS, the company also went into more detail regarding the winning series of bets too. The winning moneyline teams for this transaction were the San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels. Moreover, the over/under or totals for the rest of the parlay included Reds-Padres (O/U 8, which went over), Pirates-Brewers (under 7½), Rockies-Phillies (over 7, ended up at 8 runs), Nationals-Marlins (under 8) Braves-Cubs (under 8½), and Yankees-Orioles (over 8½). 

According to the same release, per company policy BetUS does not release customers’ names or other personally identifiable information when it comes to large payouts like this. 

Specific details of the 12-leg parlay were released as well 

Per Williams’ quote in the release, BetUS very much enjoys when their customers receive big payouts. 

“Believe it or not, we really do love to see our valued customers hit big payouts – and this young man from Lakewood, WA sure knows how to pick some winners!” Williams said. 

Also included in the release were the exact details of the parlay which were as follows:

Baseball MLB – 901 San Diego Padres  2.00 for Game – Pitcher Options:  ActionBaseball MLB – 901 (Reds / Padres) Over 8 1.83 for Game – Pitcher Options:  N. Martinez -R must start / T. Mahle -R must startBaseball MLB – 904 (Pirates / Brewers) Under 7.5 1.83 for Game – Pitcher Options:  F. Peralta -R must start / J. Quintana -L must startBaseball MLB – 903 Milwaukee Brewers  1.61 for Game – Pitcher Options:  ActionBaseball MLB – 905 (Phillies / Rockies) Over 7 1.80 for Game – Pitcher Options:  A. Gomber -L must start / Z. Wheeler -R must startBaseball MLB – 906 Philadelphia Phillies  1.50 for Game – Pitcher Options:  ActionBaseball MLB – 908 (Nationals / Marlins) Under 8 1.83 for Game – Pitcher Options:  T. Rogers -L must start / P. Corbin -L must startBaseball MLB – 910 (Braves / Cubs) Under 8.5 1.91 for Game – Pitcher Options:  D. Smyly -L must start / K. Wright -R must startBaseball MLB – 912 St. Louis Cardinals  1.61 for Game – Pitcher Options:  ActionBaseball MLB – 914 New York Yankees  1.47 for Game – Pitcher Options:  ActionBaseball MLB – 913 (Yankees / Orioles) Over 8.5 1.95 for Game – Pitcher Options:  B. Zimmermann -L must start / J. Taillon -R must startBaseball MLB – 926 Los Angeles Angels  1.61 for Game – Pitcher Options:  Action

Some final thoughts on using BetUS

As you can surmise from the above information, utilizing BetUS can be a very lucrative endeavor if your skill and luck come together at the right time. For more information on BetUS, SBS has provided you with our comprehensive BetUS sportsbook guide. Here you can find a lot more information about BetUS and all of its offerings – like bonuses. In fact, regarding bonuses, SBS has put together a spectacular bonus offers report where you can find a catalog of the most updated welcome bonuses available. 

Finally, if you are uncertain about how you would like to place your wagers, do not worry as SBS has already done the hard work for you. With our payment options overview, you can find the best outlet that works for you. From EcoCard to Western Union and beyond, there are tons of ways to safely place your wagers. 

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