What Do Green Bay Do Regarding Aaron Rodgers And Davante Adams?

Aaron Rodgers out at Green Bay?

Tomorrow at 3pm, the NFL teams will have had to place the franchise tag on the player that they want to keep but who they have not, as yet, been able to agree a contract extension.

While there are a number of top players that could be franchise tagged by tomorrow’s deadline, by far the most intriguing situation comes in Green Bay where wide receiver Davante Adams is likely to get the tag, but a whole lot depends on the situation with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

You may recall we had the same scenario last year, with Rodgers contemplating his future for a good while before deciding to return for at least one more season with Green Bay.

He led the Packers to the NFC North title and the top seed in the NFC, but the Packers stumbled in their Divisional Playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, losing out to their Californian opponents once again.

And now, the Davante Adams situation means that on Tuesday, Green Bay and NFL fans across the world may get some idea what Rodgers’ plans are for the future.

And in the world of Twitter there have already been plenty of comments about where Rodgers future may lie.

BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers is expected to request a trade from the #Packers to Denver this week.

The #Broncos are prepared to offer the 9th pick, a second round pick, and Jerry Judy for Rodgers.

He is also interested in the #Titans and #Steelers per league sources. pic.twitter.com/JFG0YTqykc

— NFC North News (@NFCNorthNewss) March 7, 2022

Why Does Rodgers Decision Impact Adams And The Packers?

It looks a formality that the Packers will use the franchise tag to try and keep Adams on the team.

However, it is something that Adams has bristled at, especially last season when the prospect was raised with him,

Adams wants paying as the top WR in the NFL, which he has been for the last few years before Cooper Kupp had his stellar season with the Rams this year.

Giving the tag to Adams would likely cost the Packers around $20m in cap space this coming season, but they are already around $26.4 million over the projected $208.2 million salary cap for next season.

With Rodgers contract charge for the new season being around $46.66 million, if the Packers want to keep Rodgers and Adams, as they purportedly do, then the only way to do this would be to reorganise Rodgers contract to reduce the cap hit in 2022.

As we saw with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger last year, there are ways and means teams can reduce their salary cap by restructuring contracts. It is very much a case of ‘kicking the can down the road’ but does mean that the two key pieces of the Packers offense would remain.

However, there are other considerations still at play here.

John Elway

Peyton Manning

Aaron Rodgers

This city, and this franchise is built to send veteran QB’s out on top

History always repeats itself #Broncos pic.twitter.com/iLAbqmPDTD

— Denver Broncos 365 (@DailyBroncos) March 5, 2022

Stay, Trade Or Retire?

Rodgers has stated that he is considering all options at present and that means essentially staying with the Packers, as we outlined above, retiring from the NFL completely, or seeking a trade to another NFL franchise.

The smart money certainly seems to be on Rodgers staying in Green Bay at the moment and a number of experts have said that following the combine, the general feeling of those in the NFL was that Rodgers would stay in Green Bay.

If he retires, then the Packers would be in a position to sign Adams without having to rework Rodgers contract but of course, they’d lose their NFL MVP calibre signal caller.

A trade would see the Packers pick up numerous draft picks for Rodgers, with the likes of the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers and even the Tennessee Titans rumored to be interested in a blockbuster trade for Rodgers.

However, that does seem the least likely scenario at present and while tomorrow’s deadline may give us an idea of what the Packers are going to do per Adams, Rodgers situation is likely set to be sorted no later than March 16, when the Packers need to be below the salary cap for the forthcoming season.

Author: Paula Dunn